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Rave Reviews

Minneapolis, Minnesota Acupuncture

See what clients have to say about the acupuncture therapies provided by Attune Acupuncture:

I have been working with Sarah to improve my immune system, digestion, and skin for the last two years. From the very beginning I was impressed with her knowledge, professionalism, and how in-depth her intake process was. She continues to take the extra time to thoroughly investigate all aspects so she can recommend the best course of treatment. I plan to continue working with Sarah for many years because I value her treatments and recommendations on living a holistic healthy lifestyle. I see her work as preventative healthcare with great benefits. - SK
I get treated by Sarah on about a monthly basis. Been using acupuncture as a regular part of my health regimen for the last 15 years and Sarah for almost 5 of those. She’s authentic and passionate about her practice. Her approach to a chronic condition or something more acute is in depth and thoughtful! - KZ
Sarah is great. She really takes the time to listen and create a regimen that is specific to you. She is also great center of influence. She knows several other health practitioners that compliment her work. Lastly, she will take the time to research products and herbs that help the process. Highly recommend! - CM
I started seeing Sarah over two years ago for acne. She has helped me focus on my “whole health”, and has introduced me to a wide array of herbal treatments, lifestyle changes and has been a wonderful resource that I can reach out to in times of need, when Western Medicine has not worked. Highly recommend, for acupuncture or basic herbal consultations! - AO
Attune Acupuncture and Sarah Larson are the most important element of my personal health maintenance plan. As a person with chronic illness, I have been constantly frustrated with most aspects of the care I have received over the years. But, Sarah Larson constantly restores my faith that some excellent providers do exist. As others have noted, Sarah is a remarkable acupuncturist who has helped me cope with my narcolepsy, deal with chronic sinusitis, and manage numerous other health issues. And, she is also an amazing person who clearly listens to and cares for every patient she treats. When I see Sarah twice each month, I honestly feel like I am her “most important client,” but I would also guess that every other patient feels the same way. Beyond her exceptional acupuncture skills, Sarah is also a fantastic herbalist who has frequently helped me with her suggestions. I truly cannot say enough about the outstanding experiences I have every time I see Sarah. - MM
Sarah is an outstanding person — empathetic, intuitive and compassionate. If she can’t help you, she’s more than happy to help you find someone who can. She’s clearly not doing this type of career because she wants to make millions or convert all acupuncture skeptics into believers. She’s doing this because she like it, she’s good at it and she can help people. - JK
Sarah has helped me tremendously with my reflux, PMS and allergy/cold issues (just to name a few). She has a very calming, comforting energy. I’ve had some long-term issues that were not getting better with Western medicine, but I feel I’ve really made progress with the acupuncture & herbs. - JR
Because of Attune Acupuncture, I am no longer having monthly migraines. Sarah Larson really listens and tracks the various health issues I bring to her to make sure they are improving or remedied each time I come in. Sarah offers holistic suggestions to complement the acupuncture treatments but does not suggest more than is necessary. A nice side benefit is that I leave every session feeling at ease, content and relaxed (as someone who was originally nervous about acupuncture, that came as a very pleasant surprise!). - TT
I have been seeing Sarah for acupuncture for several years now. She is wonderful!!! When I first started seeing her I could barely move my neck and I had a headache. She put a needle in my foot and I instantly felt something in my foot. I asked her about it and she said that that needle was for my headache. By the end of the session my headache was gone! More recently, I had been having allergic reactions to preservatives which resulted in scales (literally!) on my face, hairline and back into the scalp. Once I had the allergies figured out I could not get rid of the scales on my scalp. Between the acupuncture and the herbal remedies prescribed by Sarah the scales were gone within a month!!! Give acupuncture with Sarah a try. You will wonder how you ever went so long without trying it! - JR
Sarah is one of the most enthusiastic and passionate people I have ever had the pleasure to see for acupuncture. Her energy and knowledge of this form of healing makes you want to keep learning more about what she can do to help you. Some might not believe this form of healing really works, but I have experienced it and fully believe it can in so many different ways. If you are on the fence or want to find out for yourself, please go check her out. It will be worth the trip. - MM